Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saliva - Ladies And Getlemen

Today’s recommendation comes from Memphis, TN by the band Saliva, started back in 1996 now a veteran Hard Rock band of sorts with six studio albums, known for their special skills in fusing Hip-Hop with Hard Rock while still maintaining the crunchy riffs and shredding guitars.
The song I’m recommending, Ladies And Gentlemen comes from their fifth studio album Blood Stained Love Story and has been there best selling single. This song came out in late November back in 2006 but picked up steam in the mid to late 2007 so much so that I guess if you were watching any sort of TV in general and sports show in particular in late 2007 and throughout 2008 you have to have heard bits of it in one of the shows or commercials. It was the official theme song for Wrestlemania 23, was also used for Super Bowl XLI, Sony Playstation 3 also used it in its commercials, the list goes on and on and I think I made my point.
There’s nothing grand about the composition it’s a slick mainstream hard rock composition in fact the song was written and composed with Wrestlemania 23 in mind, no wonder the song is still a sports channel darling, I love the microphone vocals and the high octane chorus, the guitar solo is also pretty slick, here’s the song

If you like this song you can get it from the link below
Ladies and Gentlemen - Blood Stained Love Story

If you like to know more about them, here’s the link to their Wikipedia page
Here they are live @ The House of Blues in Chicago

Here’s another high octane live performance in Sturgis, SD back in 2007

Still wanna know more about them, here’s the link to their official website

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