Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sean Hayes - Powerful Stuff

Keeping on with the mellow stuff, today’s recommendation comes from San Francisco, CA by this folk singer / songwriter Sean Hayes, he was born in New York City, grew up in North Carolina, moved to San Francisco in 1992 and has been settled there ever since.
His name might be a stranger to a lot of us, but his work most definitely is not, his songs have been featured in numerous TV shows, started off as a folksy singer his music has taken a turn towards soul off late, he has released six studio albums and all through these years, lyrics have always been of equal importance to the rhythm, beat and melody in all his songs.
The song I’m recommending, Powerful Stuff, comes from his latest album Run Wolves Run, most of you must have heard snippets of this song in the Subaru commercial and that’s where I found this song as well, as soon as I watched that commercial I started looking for this song on the web, and I’m glad that Subaru used this song in that commercial otherwise I might never have come across this beauty, I love the warm vocals and the simplicity of the composition, the latter in my opinion is also the strongest suit of this song he did not try anything special with the instruments rather he let the vocals and the lyrics spin their magic which is the biggest charm of this song, I’ll throw in a couple of live performances, don’t forget to check the Facebook Feed for a delightful interview of his, here’s the song

If you like this song you can get it from the link below
Powerful Stuff - Run Wolves Run

If you’d like to know more about him, here’s the link to his Wikipedia page
Here he is live at the New Parish in Oakland, CA

Here’s another live performance in San Rafael, CA

Still wanna know more about him, here’s the link to his official website

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