Monday, May 23, 2011

Lustra - Scotty Doesn't Know

            This week I’ll again try to help you beat your Monday blues, with this raucous tune loaded with an infectious riff, most of you guys might already have heard of this song but I’m throwing it out there for those who somehow missed out.
            Today’s recommendation comes from the band Lustra from Boston, MA. They have been around for a while, started back in 1996 under the name Seventeen, but had to change their name after legal challenges from Seventeen Magazine.
            The song I’m recommending, Scotty Doesn’t Know from the soundtrack of the minor hit Euro Trip is their bigger hit to date, it threw them in the spotlight almost immediately after the release of the movie, they have failed to attain such heights since. Miley Cyrus or whoever writes her songs apparently copied this song in her 2008 single Rockstar without their permission, at least the band thinks so, they haven’t filed any lawsuit against her but have openly accused her of plagiarism, I also think that if not the whole song, she definitely sampled the riff from the song, here’s what they have to say about that
            “We didn't want to get ourselves involved in some ugly lawsuit. It would've ended up being a David and Goliath battle with Disney. They weren't even returning any phone calls to comment on the matter, but it was definitely funny to see people’s reactions to it.”
            “Obviously, we are a band that writes its own songs and Miley Cyrus has people that are the tastemakers that plug her into their sort of set up or paradigm of what they think that music should be. It's almost note for note but we can't afford a musicologist for five thousand dollars to sit in court and play guitar to show how the songs are or aren't similar. So, we've decided not to delve any deeper into the issue.”

I’ll throw her song in the Facebook Feed, you can decide for yourself, here’s the song
If you like this song you can get it from the link below
Scotty Doesn't Know - Left for Dead

If you’d like to know more about them, here’s the link to their Wikipedia page
They released an official video much later as Scotty Doesn’t Know “The Second Coming”, here it is

Still wanna know more about them, here’s the link to their MySpace page

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