Friday, May 18, 2012

Ariane Moffatt - In Your Body

            To end the week on a lighter note today’s recommendation comes from Saint-Romuald, Canada a suburb of Quebec City by this sweet and sultry francophone Ariane Moffatt who dishes out a wide variety of audio treats ranging from Electronica, Jazz and Folk to Pop and Trip-Hop.
            Ariane shot to fame after releasing her debut album Aquanaute which went platinum in Quebec and won her a plethora of nominations and awards, she hasn’t looked back since then and kept on accumulating awards one after the other. Till 2010 most all of her work was in French, she had conquered the French world and her obvious next target was the Anglosphere and she obliged by contributing twelve tracks (all covers of English songs) to the Radio Canada medical show Trauma which were later released as a soundtrack album and became such a hit, that they reached gold status in Canada.
            The song I’m recommending, In Your Body comes from her latest album MA. This song is a synth drenched bass heavy delicacy that you get to taste very rarely, like some exotic food you get to enjoy when you travel to faraway places, to unknown corners of the world, her vocals add the perfect balance of mysticism and seduction to the song and get you stuck on repeat. The song though a work of beauty landed her in a lot of controversy when she got carried away in an interview in an effort to develop the back story for the song so much so that she was labeled a sex-addict  in her native Quebec, here’s what she said about the song at its debut
            " … short movie-like journey of an obsessed and skin-addicted character for the object of her desire. Circling her prey on her old bicycle, spying it to find the entering doors of it's body and hide between the flesh and the bone. Poor mad Aphrodite, she can't seem to control her sexual compulsions. When the sun comes out, you decide if she won or not."
            This caught wind and everybody thought that she was talking about herself and expressing her own feelings and emotions, but she later clarified,
            "I wrote a quote inventing some kind of story about the song, because it's not personal stuff. But I said that it happened in my neighborhood, so it looks like it was for real.
            Everybody in Quebec afterwards talked to me about this sexual album and this sex dependence thing! I was like 'Oh man! Why does it always have to go with the first degree?' I thought I could just fly with the story, but after that, I had to answer all of these questions about sexual dependence. And it's not even as if it was a personal story!"
            Controversy or not the song is still a beauty and in my opinion it didn’t even need the back story to begin with, anyway, here’s the song

If you like this song you can get it from the link below
In Your Body - MA
If you’d like to know more about her, here’s the link to her Wikipedia page
Here she is live @ Belle Et Bum, Quebecian TV show

Still wanna know more about her, here’s the link to her Official Website, don’t forget to sharpen your French skills before visiting her website or maybe just use Google Translate, the website is in French

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