Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ida Maria - Bad Karma

            This week is turning out to be the week of vengeful angry women, on that note today’s recommendation comes from Nesna, Norway by the singer songwriter Ida Maria, a self taught guitarist known for her fierce, energetic songs and tongue in cheek lyrics.
            Ida shot to fame after winning Zoom Urørt 2006 & Urørtkonkurransen 2007, national competitions for unknown artists in Norway. After gaining considerable airplay in Norway she broadened her horizons to UK and beyond, later on she remixed one of her songs with Punk Rock legend Iggy Pop.
            She has a powerhouse of a voice with some sort of a gravely quality especially when she tries to hit the high notes, reminds me a lot of Joan Jett or Courtney Love from yesteryears or Brody Dale (The Distillers, Spinnerette) of more recent. Her music ranges from Punk Rock to Power Pop to Pop though she tries hard to distinguish herself from current breed of female pop artists. Her compositions generally are simple but pack quite a punch in the vocals and lyrics, she has covered quite a ground in a matter of two albums in the subject department from God dating prostitutes to stigma of sexuality to going the whole nine yards in pleasing her man in bed, here’s how she puts it
            I used the simplest kind of melody to get my message across, so that people would sing the words out loud, and then maybe discover the message later.”
            The song I’m recommending, Bad Karma comes from her sophomore album Katla, the song is a lyrical embodiment of the phrase Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, the song is about a vengeful woman serving up all sorts of warnings to her ex for doing her wrong or so I thought but according to her the song had a much wider pool of inspiration,
            Money people! People who do not care about life, love, music, art, summer, winter, our planet, our nature, our forests, our oceans, our animals, our collective soul.”
            It has been featured in the movie Scream 4 and the TV shows Gossip Girl, Teen Wolf and Being Human. It starts with a loud riff, thumping drums, crisp loud vocals and bursts into this gorgeous chorus which for some reason makes me smile as if she is relishing the bad things that she thinks will befall on the poor guy and that I think is the beauty of this song, along with masterfully crafted lyrics her vocals make you start cursing that guy or cheering for her and I can’t think of a time when I had cheered for someone who was wishing someone such bad luck. The video of the song in my opinion is a distraction or maybe I'm unable to get the concept behind it anyhow I will put up the song without the video first and then with the video and also throw in a couple of live performances don't forget to check out the Facebook page for an interview of hers, here's the song

If you like this song you can get it from the link below
Bad Karma - Katla
If you’d like to know more about her, here’s the link to her Wikipedia page
Here is the official video of the song, go figure

Here she is live at some Norwegian TV show

Here is an acoustic performance for Slacker Radio in Sandiego, CA

Still wanna know more about her, here’s the link to her Official Website

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