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Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias

            Today’s recommendation comes from Nacka, Sweden a suburb of Stockholm by the all girl band Those Dancing Days, I have already recommended one of their songs in one of my previous posts, if you haven’t checked that out yet you can do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
            Since the last post the band has officially split at least temporarily to pursue other things in life, some chose to complete their education while some are pursuing other endeavors in the music world. Those Dancing Days were Linnea Jönsson on Vocals, Lisa Pyk on Keyboards, Rebecka Rolfart on Lead Guitar, Mimmi Evrell on Bass Guitar and last but not least Cissi Efraimsson on Drums.
            I’m sad they decided to pursue other callings in life only after two albums I think they were a talented bunch of musicians and they should’ve gone on to make many many more albums. Like I said before all of them are talented but I think Cissi really stands out and for the sake of music I hope she doesn’t give up on music completely, she is one of the fastest young drummers I’ve seen in a long while and I think she is sure to reach new heights if she continues on. Here’s their official statement about the split
            We have decided that we will be putting Those Dancing Days to bed for a while. We have been together as a band for almost six years now and have had such an amazing time – we have grown up together, created together, seen the world together. We have been so incredibly lucky and feel so honored that so many have appreciated our music. As a young band we have had the pleasure of being role models for other young musicians – something we have found incredibly fulfilling and important – and especially to young female musicians like ourselves. Go girls – never doubt yourselves and never stop dreaming!
After we played the Propaganda festival this last weekend we felt it was the perfect ending to the summer and a good time for us to say good bye for a while. We want to explore things on our own for a change; some of us will go back to school, some of us will be taking jobs – and without a doubt all of us will explore new musical settings.
To all our fans – thank you for being wonderful! We hope to see you again in the future and until we do – live and love! xxxx ~ TDD”
            The song I’m recommending, Fuckarias, comes from their second album Daydreams & Nightmares, I made a mention of this song in my previous post but I think this song deserves a post of its own. First off the title of the song should not be confused for profanity, I’m not sure how accurate this is but I found this explanation on the web
            “'Fuckarias' pronounced in Swedish sounds somewhat like 'Fooh-kah-ree-as' which again sounds like the name of a male person (similar to Swedish boy’s names such as Zacharias, Elias, Mattias, Tobias etc.). So Fuckarias is a witty slang term for the really annoyingtype of guy that you just want to get rid of by all means”
            The song opens with a loud riff and pounding drums which continue on a frenetic pace to knock the socks off of anybody not paying attention, I’m not a big fan of the synths used in the song but everything else is pitch perfect, especially the drums are near flawless, I don’t think you have to be a music critic to realize that the speed at which this young girl is playing is awe inspiring, plus it portrays to perfection the angst ridden anger of a teenage girl who just wants this annoying person to disappear. I’ll throw in a few live performances here along with the song, don’t forget to checkout the Facebook page for a pre-split interview of theirs, here’s the song

If you like this song you can get it from the link below
Fuckarias - Daydreams and Nightmares
If you’d like to know more about them, here’s the link to their Wikipedia page
Here they are live @ DIY Sessions, and to prove that her display of skill on drums was no recording magic, Cissi is again wreaking havoc on percussions

Here they are live @ Nyhetsmorgon, Swedish TV show

Here they are live @ ON3 Festival

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